Discover Freeze Drying For Healthy Meal & Snack Planning

Discover Freeze Drying For Healthy Meal & Snack Planning


Today's guest video blogger is Wendy Busse, a registered dietitian who has helped hundreds of people lose weight and eat healthier. According to her, a major key to success is having nourishing meals that can be quickly prepared at home. The easiest way to do this is with a home freeze dryer

In this video, Wendy explains why having her own freeze dryer has been such a blessing. Soups are one of the easiest meals to prepare with freeze dried ingredients. She's written a pamphlet Hearty Soups with your Freeze Dryer - that has tips on freeze drying 15 different foods that you can combine into a variety of nutritious, tasty soups. You can download the free handout from the link below this video.

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Hearty Soups with Your Freeze Dryer - Download Your Free Guide »


About the Author: Wendy Busse is a registered dietitian from Alberta, Canada with a passion for helping people embrace delicious dining through mindful meal planning and eating. She can be reached at

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