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Product Feature: Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

Product Feature: Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

Preserve all your favourite foods with very little effort using a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer. You'll easily discover why it's the best method of preserving your food at home. 

Better than Canning or Dehydrating

Other methods of preserving your food don't even come close to comparing to freeze drying. It's hands-down the best form of food preservation because it causes zero damage to the nutrition of your food, and you never have to compromise on flavour, colour or taste. 

It's well known that fresh, frozen and canned foods don’t last very long, but with freeze-dried foods you never have to worry because they have a shelf life of up to 25 years. That's up to 8 times longer than any other method of preserving your food.  

Meets Your Dietary Needs

Prepackaged, processed meals typically include unhealthy additives, such as sodium nitrate, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, MSG, food dyes and artificial colouring. When you freeze dry at home, you have the reassurance that your food doesn't contain any of those harmful additives. Your Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer will accommodate any dietary need, including food allergies, vegetarian, or vegan needs. It is the ideal kitchen tool to support a healthy lifestyle.

Eliminates Food Waste & Saves You Money

You can completely eliminate any food waste in your home using a freeze dryer, which translates into major savings. Surprisingly, the average family of four throws away 40% of the food it purchases each year, which represents about $2,250 or more. By purchasing a freeze dryer, the same family would see a return on their investment in less than a year, which makes it very affordable. 

Simple to Use

A Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer allows you to prepare it and preserve it, which means you can freeze dry entire meals, like lasagna and casseroles or single servings, it's up to you. 

The home freeze dryer is very user-friendly. The entire process is automated using highly intelligent built-in sensors that know exactly when the food is properly freeze dried. Just press start and the freeze dryer will signal when the cycle has finished. 

Client Feedback -- 5-star Rating

James W. calls his Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer the "Best small investment I've ever made! The machine works great. The food tastes good. Fruit and berries are like candy. The customer service has been great. It's felt like Christmas ever since it got here." Thank you for sharing your experience, James! It makes us incredibly happy to hear how satisfied clients are with their purchase.  


Freeze drying has totally revolutionized household food preservation. You, too, can experience this amazing technology by purchasing a home freeze dryer today with our buy now, pay later 0% Financing. 


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