Juicerville Health Ambassador Affiliate Program

"Get 25-50% of our gross profit in cash commission on EACH purchase your referrals make with us EVER, no time limit!"

"Whether you have a health or food blog, a website, a spa, a nutritionist practice, or you are simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle, the Juicerville Health Ambassador message fits easily into your normal, everyday communications and is eagerly received by your audience."



Start Earning Lifetime Cash Commissions!

The Juicerville Health Ambassador program provides value to everyone involved and is a true win-win-win situation. Your referrals get great recommendations on raw food appliances from a source they trust (yes, you!), and in return for sending us customers we pay you cash rewards. There are actually three ways in which you will earn commissions:

1. CLICK. Someone clicks through to our website using your unique affiliate link.

2. LEAD. Someone who clicked through using your link takes an action on our website, such as creating an account.

3. CONVERSION. Conversion is just fancy web lingo for a sale. For each customer that uses your affiliate link, and ends up completing a purchase, you will receive a cash payment of 25-50% of our gross profit on that sale.

The beautiful part is that your earnings may not end here. We will also pay you additional 25-50% gross profit commissions for EVERY repeat purchase this customer makes with us EVER. Passive income sure feels good!

Opportunity Knocks

As the health revolution continues to grow and families around Canada continually search for ways to incorporate a healthier diet into their busy lives, we want people to know about Juicerville and our quality products and service. But… this is a large country and we could sure use some help reaching out.

This is where you come in. Whether you have a health and fitness blog, an e-commerce site, a spa, a nutritionist practice,or you are simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle, the Juicerville Health Ambassador message fits easily into your normal, everyday communications and is eagerly received by your audience.

People have never been more curious about a healthier diet or more ready to experiment with juicing and raw food preparation. Why not take the opportunity and earn an extra income while sharing your experience with them?

Affiliate Tools & Support

When you sign up as a Juicerville Health Ambassador, you are backed by one of Canada’s leading retailers of raw food appliances. Immediately upon signing up, you will be assigned a private Ambassador portal where you will have access to tools for easy sharing on various social channels, as well as promotional text and banners that you can put on your website/blog. 

You can be as creative as you want and there is no limit to how often you distribute your link or which channels you can use, online or offline. As long as you can get a URL in a piece of communication, you can use that medium to inform people about our products. It is no secret that the more you share, the greater your potential income.

From your account portal you can track live statistics of your clicks, referrals, and earnings. As a valued Ambassador you also get access to a dedicated affiliate support email.


Opportunity for Bloggers & Webmasters

Do you have an established blog or a website with a topic related to our products? Then you probably know already that you have a fantastic opportunity to monetize your content by sending highly motivated potential customers our way and earn lots of commissions from clickthroughs, leads and conversions. We have designed a special affiliate package optimized for bloggers and webmasters.

Absolutely Risk-Free

There’s absolutely no cost to you and to be successful in our program you just need to be willing to share your passion about healthy eating with as many people as you can. We provide all the tools you need. It’s that easy!

Sign up now, and get access to a lot more information on how you too can earn a nice extra income just doing what you probably would be doing anyway.

Remember our Ambassador motto... Sharing Enriches Everyone!



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