Urban Cultivator Automatic Indoor Garden FAQ

Is my Cultivator pre-programmed?
Yes, it comes pre-programmed for an average growing environment and an average for all plants needs.
To set it to your environment or specific plant’s needs check the manual, or call our Urban Cultivator support line at 1-877-352-0490.

How many flats will I get out of one of my seed containers?
You will get 3-6 flats out of every Urban Cultivator seed containers. You can plant heavy and thin out young plants and use as you go or plant more flats thinner and let them grow out before you harvest. Try using the shaker to sow seeds evenly.

How much soil should I put in my flats?
You should fill each flat 1/2 to 3/4 with potting soil. 1/2 full for shorter life cycle (1-2 weeks) plants, such as peashoots, wheatgrass, sunflower, and broccoli. Fill your flat 3/4 full when planting longer life cycle (2-14 weeks) plants, such as basil, oregano, arugula, beet tops, etc.

Do I mix in my seeds or cover them with dirt?
We have found great results by covering the newly sown seeds with a light dusting of soil that’s been shifted through a regular strainer. The finer soil spreads nicely and makes a protective blanket during germination. Sow your seeds over the dirt, then give them a good spray of water from a spray bottle, next cover with the sifted dirt and then another light spraying of water just to moisten the top blanket. Be careful not to spray too much or too close and wash off the thin dirt blanket.

Does my water reservoir keep itself filled?
Yes, if you received your Cultivator with City Hook-up capabilities and have it plumbed in, then it is pre-programmed to exchange the water in the reservoir once a week. If you have received your Cultivator as a stand alone unit please refill as needed and recycle when required.

How often should I do maintenance on my cultivator?
Wet/dry shop vacuum or wipe down reservoir and levels every 6-8 weeks. Ensure to check filters and pumps for seed and soil build up.

What do I do if my reservoir won’t exchange?
Check to insure the connection on your city drain is open and free of blockage. If the cultivator is new it may not be primed and may need 2 to 3 minutes to prime. If it is still not draining, remove the bottom grow tray to access your reservoir. Ensure there is more then 50% water inside, then reach in and make sure the pump is on and vibrating. If is, take it off the outtake hose and insure the water is running.

What do I do if my level won’t water?
Ensure the reservoir is at least 50% full of water. Ensure that the level is not set to Always Off. Ensure that the grow drawer is pushed all the way into the UC. If still no watering, get access to your reservoir and ensure the pump is on and primed.

What should my lighting schedule be?
We have pre-programmed our lighting schedules for most herbs, micro greens, lettuces, etc, which is 18 hours light and 6 hours dark.