NEW Champion 4000 Household Juicer

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The NEW Champion 4000 Has Finally Arrived!

The new one from Champion is a killer construction, quality engineered in the USA. The Champion Juicer Model 4000 uses the same AC motor used with the Model 2000 Household, except that it is more compact.  With the Model 4000, the motor is covered by a durable Poly-Carbonate cover with handle for ease of handling. The cover will not chip or fade as can occur with the painted Model 2000. 

The hub / body connection of the Champion 4000 has 4 lugs and at least 6 times the strength of the Model 2000 connection. 

The Model 4000 has a smaller footprint; it is shorter, narrower and lower and slightly lighter than the Model 2000. 

The Model 4000 has more versatility than the Model 2000.  By employing two augers (grinding auger and greens auger), it juices and homogenizes like the Model 2000 and also juices wheatgrass and leafy greens for green juice, no extra attachment required. 

10 Yr Warranty

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