EasyGreen Wheatgrass

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Grow Your Own Wheatgrass at $0.50 per Tray!

The EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter & Wheatgrass system allows you to effortlessly grow wheatgrass and sprouts at home.

This specially priced kit contains everything you need to grow wheatgrass in large trays, or sprouts in small cartridges.

If you are looking for an easy, automated way of getting super nutritious, fresh wheatgrass every day at minimal cost, then the EasyGreen Wheatgrass Kit is for you!

EasyGreen Wheatgrass Package Includes

3 X EasyGreen MikroFarm Modules
3 X Mist Generators
3 X Food Grade Large Plastic Trays
15 X Food Grade Plastic Cartridges
3 X Activation Timers
9 X Replacement Air Filters


Wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice are excellent ways to get dark greens in the diet and it is even safe for people with wheat allergies. Pound for pound, wheatgrass is more than twenty times denser in nutrients than other choice vegetables. Juicing unlocks even more nutrients, making them more concentrated and usable to the cells of the body.

Better 'Kick' Than Energy Drinks

Wheatgrass shots can provide between 80 and 100 percent of the nutritional value you require each day. Like coffee and energy drinks, wheatgrass provides a boost to the bloodstream within twenty minutes. But wheatgrass is a healthier alternative that won’t curb your brain’s neurotransmitters.

The Ultimate Superfood

Wheatgrass provides the “zing” you need to keep going as it breaks down to simple sugar in your body. It is also a powerful health food supplement that is packed with highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes. Nutritionally, wheatgrass is a complete food that contains 98 of the 102 earth elements. As a bonus, it also curbs cravings for junk food.

Protects Your Health

Scientists agree that wheatgrass has potent anti-bacterial properties and stops harmful bacteria in its tracks.

Cancer Buster

Numerous studies have shown that a diet rich in the beta-carotene found in wheatgrass may lower cancer risk by 40 per cent!

Blood Booster

The chlorophyll in wheat grass can help rebuild a low blood-count in around a week.

Protects Against Embarrassing Breath and Body Odor

Famous doctor and wheatgrass expert F. Howard Westcott found that when you consume the right amount of wheat grass, you can rid yourself of bad breath and unwanted B.O.

Acne Killer & Your Skin's Best Friend

Wheatgrass helps get rid of pimples, itchy inflamed skin, poison ivy, bug-bites, crusty and weeping eczema. Other stubborn skin conditions, too.

Soothe Sunburn

Rubbing wheatgrass juice on your skin heals burns and blisters. But you can help prevent sun burns by drinking it, too.

Power Up Your Tap Water

One ounce of wheatgrass in a gallon of tap water will neutralize fluoride and other harmful chemicals. Add wheatgrass to your baths to help comfort, and soothe.

Beat High Blood Pressure

Theodor Rudolph, M.D. says that when wheatgrass and oxygen mix in your body, the blood rush helps break up globs of ugly fat and cholesterol.

Clears Sinusitis

Doctors J. C. Davis and R. Redpath found that sinus cavities dry out when packed with chlorophyll. Imagine that aggravating head cold gone within twenty-four hours.

Dimensions:24" L x 18" W x 9" H

EasyGreen MikroFarm Sprouter

Watch these videos to learn more about the EasyGreen Sprouter.

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