Home Freeze Dryer - Small - Stainless Steel

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Never Waste Food Again With Your Own Freeze Dryer!

Preserve food for up to 25 years. Perfect for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, meals, desserts, and more. All of which will keep nearly 100% of its nutrition.

Harvest Right has created the world’s first high quality, affordable Home Freeze Dryer.  It is less than one quarter the cost of comparable freeze drying systems, and is easier to use than a microwave. The entire process is automated using highly intelligent built-in sensors that know exactly when the food is properly freeze dried. Just press start and the freeze dryer will beep when finished.

Why Freeze Drying?

This method of food preservation causes little damage to the nutritional value of the food being preserved compared to other methods that use higher temperatures, such as canning or dehydration. Freeze drying does not shrink or toughen the food, and it fully retains its aroma, flavor, and nutritional content.

During canning, typically 50 to 60 percent of the nutritional value is lost; and in dehydrating, about 40 percent is lost. Whereas less than 3% of the food’s nutritional value is lost during freeze drying!

In addition, both dehydrating and canning cause food to taste different than fresh food. Freeze dried food, in contrast, looks and tastes like it did when fresh.

The shelf life of canned and dehydrated food is approximately two to three years, while freeze dried food easily lasts eight to ten times as long. Additionally, freeze dried food is very light, since all the water is removed, and can be easily transported for hiking and camping or when used during long term emergency needs.


Small Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Includes:

  • Freeze Dryer
  • Commercial Grade Vacuum Pump
  • Three (3) Stainless Steel Trays (7.75” W x 14” L x .75” H)
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Guide to Freeze Drying

First Class Warranty Service

Juicerville is an authorized Canadian retailer of Harvest Right Freeze Dryers. Purchase any Harvest Right freeze dryer model from us and get a full one-year warranty. In the rare event you should have a problem, simply call the manufacturer support hotline at 1-800-865-5584. If the issue is something that cannot be handled over the phone, a local technician can be sent to your location.

Optional, but recommended accessories:

Small Home Freeze Dryer Specifications


25” Tall x 16.5” Wide x 18.5” Deep

Fresh Food Capacity:

4-7 lbs. per batch

Average Yield:

4-6 litres of food per batch


Three 7.75” W x 14” L x .75” H trays


85 lbs.


Standard 110 Volt

Warranty: 1 Year limited


Introduction To Home Freeze Drying:


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