LED Indoor Sun Garden

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SUN GARDEN - Grow Vegetables Wherever/Whenever!

Regardless if you live in the city or in the countryside, this product will allow you to grow your own fresh produce wherever you want. The Sun Garden uses LED lights, thus reducing your electricity bills by a massive 83% compared to a florescent lamp. Not to mention the amount you will save on grocery bills.

With very little effort you can soon reap produce with plenty of fresh flavour and wholesome, toxin-free nutrition.


Easily grow your own from basil, parsley and mint to wheatgrass and rocket. You will drastically taste an improvement in your cooking by using your own fresh organic herbs.


By growing your own organic vegetables you don’t need to worry about pesticides and contamination that some farms may use. It will give you peace of mind as you have grown and cared for the vegetables. Why not grow your own tomatoes, radishes, or even Bok Choy.


By germinating your flowers in the Sun Garden you are giving them the best start they need to flourish in an outdoor environment. Once your flowers reach the vegetative growth stage you can easily transport the sprouted plants outside.

Pick and Eat from the Garden

There is nothing quite like harvesting lettuce, herbs, Chinese greens and so much more straight from the garden and throwing a salad together. With a bag of mixed lettuce costing around $4, you won't have waste or this continual cost. There is no longer a need to worry about pesticides, chemicals and toxins in your fruits and vegetables. Enjoy fresh, nutrient rich, living foods.

Not only are you able to grow vegetables like lettuce or radish from seeds to full maturity, the Sun Garden is also the perfect environment for germinating and sprouting vegetables, fruits and herbs. By “starting off” your vegetables, fruits and herbs in the Sun Garden you are able to give them the best chance at a successful growth in an outdoor garden. You can easily transplant sprouted plants into your outdoor garden when they have successfully reached the Vegetative Growth Stage. This will give your seeds the safe "kick-start" they need to flourish in an outdoor environment.

Features of the LED Sun Garden

Hydroponic Wick Technology

Using a patented LED wick-watering hydroponic system, the Sun Garden solves the shortcomings of existing hydroponic cultivation methods. The unit has a central wick that runs through the base of the soil tray and is fed into the water tray. The two ends of this wick are immersed in water at all times. This ensures the plants are hydrated without ever being over-watered. There are no drainage holes, which means it can be kept indoors without risk of leakage or mess.


The Sun Garden only consumes a minimal amount of electricity (40W), so it is also very economical to run. LED life expectancy is no less than 30,000 to 50,000 hours.


The Indoor Garden is height adjustable. A unique feature of the Sun Garden is that the units are stackable so you can easily stagger growth in order for plants to reach maturity at different times. You can have a constant supply of produce all year-round, regardless of season.


Basil, Parsley, Wheatgrass, Rocket, Radish, Mint, Tomatoes, Chili, Chinese greens, Lavender, Chamomile, and so much more!

Indoor Garden Grower Includes

Self-Watering Wick
LED System
Stackable Poles
Planter Tray

Dimensions:69cm L x 36cm W x 62cm H

Indoor Sun Garden Videos

Watch these videos to learn more about the Indoor Sun Garden.

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