JM-20 Commercial Citrus Juicer

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JM20 - ideal for making fresh citrus juice in volume!

Modern juice extraction ensures getting the best out of the fruit without any handling of the product.

Easy cleaning of the parts that are in contact with the juice; they are easily dismantled without any kind of tools. It has a safety device that disconnects the machine when the cover is removed.
All the parts are made of material with valid health standards for foods.

 - Fruit Diameter – 3 ½"

-  Net Weight: 125 lbs
– Depth: 12"

– Width: 15 ½"
– Height: 30 ½"
– Motor: 110V, 60 hz
– Power: 1/4 hp

Made of stainless steel and NSF approved plastic parts

This juicer will process at 20 fruit per minute; oranges, lemons and limes and will yield 270-280 oz. per case, depending on the quality of the juicing fruit.

Manual fed machine; hopper on top is for storage only. Indexing ramp will hold 5-7 fruit, depending on the size and will automatically index by gravity to the feeding head. Ramp will need to be refilled each time.


  • JM20 manual feed citrus juicer
  • Fruit storage hopper
  • Through the counter pulp chute
  • Juice reservoir
  • Drip tray

Optional: Stainless Steel Cart ($1495)

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