John Boos® Aujus Board, Maple, 24" x 18" x 1.5"

$199.00 $219.00
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This convenient 24" x 18" John Boos Aujus Cutting Board has a wide grooved side with a carved reservoir for catching fluids and a flat, smooth surface on the other reverse. Comes with side grip handles and made from a 1.5" thick hard Maple edge grain. Features Boos Block Cream with Beeswax finish.

•  1-1/2" Thick Hard Maple Edge Grain Construction
•  Wider Juice Groove With Reservoir
•  Reverse Side Flat
•  Side Grip Handles
•  Boos Block Cream Finish w/ Beeswax
•  Made In The USA
•  1-year manufacturer's warranty

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