ROTOR Vitamat INOX Juicer

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Rotor Vitamat INOX

Up to 450 lbs of apples or 350 lbs of carrots per hour!!

The high performance commercial juicer in stainless steel with 2 electronically controlled speeds, strong motor with high rpms, high yield and productivity, easy cleaning, very robust and silent.

The new high power juicer Rotor Vitamat Inox offers robustness, simplicity and significantly increased productivity. The juicer Vitamat Inox runs on a special motor built by Rotor Lips, which rotates with more power than motors of many other commercial juicers. Therefore, the machine has a better juice yield and operates faster.

An optimal yield is also made possible by the two different speeds, a lower one for soft fruits and vegetables, a higher one for hard fruits and vegetables. The machine is driven directly by a heavy duty, ventilator cooled high power motor with premium stainless steel ball bearings.


Rotor Vitamat INOX Juicer Specifications

Power supply 120 V / 60 Hz / 7,2 A

Max. power consumption ~1600 W peak / 900 W continuous operation

2-Speed: 5000 or 5600 rpm

Net weight (kg) 15 kg

Motor protective switch preventing overloading and overheating.

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