Tribest FreshLife FL3000 Sprouter

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Grow your own sprouts right in your own home with the Tribest Freshlife 3000 Automatic Sprouter. Just plug the machine in, switch on, add seeds, and in 5 to 8 days you’ll be enjoying your fresh organically grown sprouts, without the use of soil, chemicals, or special lighting.

The Tribest Freshlife 3000 has new features like adjustable water pressure and automatic watering system, that waters your sprouts for 5 minutes, rests for 25, then continues to water for 5 minutes, when the on/off switch is turned on. You can grow more sprouts with up to 3 levels of BPA-Free sprouting barrels. The Freshlife 3000 makes growing sprouts even easier.

Freshlife Sprouter FL-3000 Features

BPA-Free barrels 
Up to 3 levels of sprouting barrels
Automatic watering system
Adjustable water pressure system
On-off switch
Detachable power cord
A timer; 5 minutes on 25 minutes rest
Strong motor, can do up to 3 barrels easily
11.2 [w] x 13.6 [h] x 11.2 [d] in
Weight: 6.0 lbs.

1 year warranty
Sprouts have a high concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and maximum nutrition in a small package! It is suggested to change the water daily.

Sprouts are baby plants in their prime. According to experts, at this stage of development they have a greater concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bio-flavonoids, etc. than at any other point in the life of the plant.

Freshness: There is virtually no loss of nutrients because they are eaten the day they are picked.

You can enjoy fresh sprouts at any time of the year.

Ease of use:
Just add water and seeds! No soil, no special light, or green thumb required.

Seeds can sprout 7-15 times their weight, which makes them very economical to grow.

Automatic easy to use with fully automatic operation, you will enjoy fresh sprouts all year round. Just add seeds and water, and in just as little as 4 days you can harvest fresh and healthy sprouts. It's that easy.

Time required to grow sprouts at 64+° F
-Alfalfa 5-6 days
-Broccoli 5-6 days
-Corn 5-6 days
-Mung beans 4-5 days
-Radish Seeds 5-6 days
-Sesame 5-6 days
-Soybeans 4-5 days
-Sunflower 5-6 days
-Wheat 4-5 days
-Other Seeds 4-7 days

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