Urban Cultivator Indoor Garden

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The Urban Cultivator - Your Automatic Indoor Garden


You get 365 days of perfect growing conditions for all of your favorite herbs, microgreens, and vegetables. No more soggy supermarket greens going bad in your fridge... just fresh crisp produce from your very own garden.

With Urban Cultivator®, your indoor gardens can grow healthy and organic vegetables, herbs, and microgreens anywhere, anytime.

Grow your own and save up to 80% compared to buying from grocery stores.

Grow a long list of herbs, microgreens, vegetables, and flowers in a completely automated indoor growing appliance.

The Urban Cultivator's pre-programmed control center makes sure your greens get exactly the right amount of water and light, and the onboard fans control humidity and air circulation.

The Urban Cultivator provides a self-contained growing environment for herbs and greens. Lights imitate the sun’s rays and an irrigation system delivers water and nutrients from the reservoir to the plants. The automated system provides everything for the plants at the correct times and measures so that your herbs and greens grow all year round.

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Urban Cultivator Seeds & Accessories

We also sell a wide variety of Urban Cultivator seeds, fertilizers and more. 

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Urban Cultivator Service

Juicerville is a subdealer of Urban Cultivator products. When you purchase an Urban Cultivator unit from us you get authorized service and technical support directly from the Urban Cultivator service center.


Urban Cultivator Features

Learn how the Urban Cultivator Residential fits into your kitchen:

  • Grows 8 varieties of herbs and microgreens at once
  • Plumb into city water or use as a standalone unit
  • 1/4” MPT plumbing fittings
  • Standard 24" appliance size and depth
  • Castor wheels
  • 110v power
  • Monthly average kWh: 18 kWh
  • Automatic watering cycles
  • Customizable programming
  • CSA certified
  • 3 year warranty (1 year parts and labour. 3 years parts)
  • Includes Seed Starter Kit


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