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Super Angel 5500


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Find out how the Angel juicer can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year

Super Angel 5500 - Stainless Steel Juicing Power!

Made for you who are 100% serious about your nutrition & health.

The Super Angel 5500 will easily make great-tasting and super nutritious juice out of just about any produce.

From carrots and apples to wheatgrass, leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, and even seeds, the Super Angel Juicer is the ideal machine to handle the toughest juicing jobs.

Features of the Super Angel 5500

Heavy Duty Precision Engineering For Better Juice

The all stainless steel body of the Super Angel is a master crafted, hand-built masterpiece. With its surgical-grade stainless steel twin gears running at 3 HP grinding force, the Super Angel can crush cellulose fibres, breaking up individual cells of vegetables and fruits to extract nutrients locked deep inside.

The result is a deeper, richer colour, as well as a sweeter, more full-bodied flavour of the juice.

The powerful twin gears also make the Angel 5500 the most reliable seed juice extractor in the world.

Easy to Use

If juicing is a hassle, chances are you won't do it very often. The Super Angel 5500 is thoughtfully designed, simple to clean and easy to use:

  1. 3-Step Assembly/Disassembly
    The clever 'push down' front clamp allows for quick and simple maintenance.
  2. No Screen Filter Change
    A single three-stage screen handles all fruits and vegetables. No more changing of screens!
  3. Automatic Pressure Adjustment
    No need to manually adjust juicing pressure. The Angel 5500 adjusts itself to the type of produce in order to maximimize the quantity of juice.
  4. Continuous Juicing
    The impeller press system of twin gears is the perfect system for continuous juicing. Make as much juice as you want in one single batch!

These smart features make the 5500 one of the most user friendly juicers on the market in Canada.

Higher Juice Yields

The ultra-precision 2-stage twin gear system guarantees the maximum extraction of juice. The pulp that results is very dry - the ultimate measurement of juicer efficiency.

Quiet Operation

The unique cooling system of the Angel 5500 results in less motor heating and strain. In combination with the slow and gentle grinding of the produce, this is one of the most quiet juicers available.

No Heat Build Up

The crushing of produce is done using very slow grinding, which generates no heat in the process. Keeping heat generation to a minimum is absolutely critical because heat leads to oxidation of vital nutrients and destruction of active enzymes. At only 82 RPMs, the Super Angel is the slowest grinding twin gear juicer on the market.

Bonus Gift Included

Stainless Steel Juice Collecting Bowl ($47 value).

Super Angel 5500 Specifications

  • Electric Voltage/Frequency : AC 120 Volt / 60 Hz.
  • Electric Power (Motor) : 180 Watt, ¼ HP
  • Grinding Force : 3 HP
  • RPM(Twin Gear) : 82 rpm
  • Chute Opening : 1.7 inches
  • Twin Gears : 8+3/8 inches Long x 2+3/8 inches Diameter
  • Unit Weight : 20.8 Lbs
  • Unit Dimension : 19+1/2 L x 7+3/4 W x 10+1/2 H (inches)
  • Twin Gears : Antibacterial, Solid Stainless Steel (sus-304) Gears
  • Reverse Turning Safety Features : Easily clear the foods if overloaded or jammed.
  • Automatic Overheat Sensor: Automatic thermostat prevents the motor from overheating
  • Switch : Soft touch switch, Start-Off-Reverse

10 Year Household Warranty: Motor, Twin Gears, Switch Panel, PC Board, Scraper, Fan, Power Cord, Screen Housing Cover.

1 Year Household Warranty: Screen Housing, Cleaning Brush, Wooden Pusher, Pulp Collector, Juice Tub, Fuse, User's Manual.

Angel FAQ


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