Green Star Juicers by Tribest are award-winning machines of outstanding and durable build quality, providing very high yield and amount of nutrition, only challenged by the higher priced Super Angel Juicer.

Green Star Juicers are now available in black, white, or chrome, and is the ideal juicer for any kitchen design adding contemporary elegance to your countertop.

Green Star Twin Gear Cold Press Juicers

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Green Star Juicer Elite 5000
Green Star Elite 5000
$699.95 $899.95
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Green Star Juicer Elite 5300
Green Star Elite 5300
$749.95 $939.95
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Green Star 1000 juicer
Green Star 1000
$589.95 $689.95
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Green Star Juicer Elite Black GSE-5010
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Green Star 5050 Chrome