Masticating (Single Gear) Juicers

Masticating (or single gear) juicers have become very popular as a mid-priced option between centrifugal juicers and the more expensive twin gear juicers. Indeed, they are the best selling class of juicers here in Juicerville. 

Masticating juicers use a single gear to push and crush food items into a smaller space before squeezing out the liquid through a juicing screen. The pulp is separated and pushed out through a separate outlet.

Slow juicers make enzyme rich living juiceThese juicers are often also referred to as cold juicers or slow juicers because of their slow rotation speed. A slow juicer has the benefit of not heating or airing the juice during the extraction process.

Using a slow juicer is the best way to preserve all of the natural flavours, micronutrients and enzymes to produce a super nutritious living juice.


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