Green Star Elite 5000

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Canadians are loving the amazing Green Star Elite 5000!

Now available in BLACK.

GS 5000 includes a breadstick maker set and a 12 year warranty.

Benefits of the GS Elite 5000

Maximized Yield & Nutrition

Make no mistake, when it comes to getting juice with maximum yield and nutritional value, the GS Elite juicers perform at the very highest level. Compared to the GS-1000/GS-3000 models, the GS-5300/GS-5000 is taking the Twin Gear technology one big step further. The new models use Heavy Duty Jumbo Twin Gears and extend the juicing process from two to three stages: crushing, mixing and pressing.

Food Processor

Did you know that you can use your Green Star Elite to make so much more than just juice? Homogenize any type of food item and make pates, spreads, nut butters, etc. Or why not some fresh home made pasta and yummy breadsticks? When you order the GS5000 Elite we include a Breadstick Maker Set!

New Modern Design

This juicer, with its lightweight and streamlined design, will be a sure attention grabber in your kitchen.

Easy Clean Up

Yes, the simple and elegant design looks great on your kitchen counter, but it also has another, more practical, benefit. The new Elite model has fewer parts, which means there is less to clean and that assembly/disassembly is a

New Locking Mechanism

In the new model, the turning knobs have been replaced by a 1-step latching system, which is more convenient and offers an easier way to assemble and disassemble the machine.

Safety Switch System

Green Star Elite features a safety switch system that disables operation when the safety hood is removed. This eliminates your chances of interacting with any moving parts.

GS-5000 Elite includes the following parts:

• Juicing Knob
• Breadstick Knob
• Fine Screen
• Coarse Screen
• Homogenizing Blank (Open Blank)
• Breadstick Blank (Closed Blank)
• Exclusive Revolutionary Advanced Jumbo Twin Gears
• Glass Juice Pitcher
• Drip Tray
• Plastic Plunger
• Wooden Plunger
• Stainless Steel Strainer
• Flat Cleaning Brush
• Regular GS Cleaning Brush
• Detachable Power Cord


18.25" x 6.88" x 12.50"
Built-in Carrying Handle
Detachable Cord
Voltage - 110V (for use in the USA, Canada, Mexico)
110 RPM Turning Speed
190 Watt Motor
12 Year Warranty!

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