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Kuvings ® All Blenders

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  • All models are delivered with the original package (blender, power plug, accessories, manual and recipe book)

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We are a proud Canadian company serving customers since 2012 and authorized reseller of trusted brands such as Angel, Ankarsrum, Ceado, Blendtec, Harvest Right, Komo, Kuvings, Omega, Sedona, Tribest, Vitamix and much more. 

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  • SV500 (Silver)
  • CB1000
  • Limited manufacturer warranty
  • Free shipping in 🇨🇦 within 1-3 days


Enjoy superior performance, easy cleaning, and innovative features for making smoothies, soups, and more. Perfect for both home kitchens and commercial use


  • Limited manufacturer warranty
  • Made in South Korea

Why Kuvings blenders

Kuvings blenders stand out for their robust performance, versatility, and user-friendly design. Equipped with powerful motors, these blenders effortlessly handle everything from smoothies to soups, delivering consistent and smooth results. The innovative features, such as variable speed settings and durable blades, make them suitable for both home and commercial kitchens. Easy to clean and built to last, Kuvings blenders ensure you get the best blending experience with minimal effort. Invest in a Kuvings blender for top-quality performance and enhanced convenience in your culinary endeavors.

Which Kuvings blenders fits your needs

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Kuvings ® SV500S Vacuum Blender - Silver - Juicerville
Kuvings ® SV500S Vacuum Blender - Silver
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Kuvings CB1000 Commercial Vacuum Blender - Juicerville
Kuvings ® CB1000 Commercial Vacuum Blender
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$879.95 $899.95
From $2,929.95 $3,199.95

KUVINGS Vacuum Blender SV500S - Healthier lifestyle within a vacuum!

Better Taste and Nutrition by Magic of Vacuum

Optimal vacuum conditions created by -80kPa of pressure prevent ingredients from oxidizing, thus preserving colours, flavours, and nutrients as close to natural as possible. 


The Advantage of the Kuvings SV500 Vacuum Blender

3.5 HP Power Blending

Commercial universal motor with 32,000RPM of maximum speed blends even the toughest ingredients into a creamy, smooth texture with 3.5 HP of instant maximum power.

Low-Noise Blending

Blending is now quiet with the Noise Reduction Cover, a unique advancement in high-speed blending.

User Friendly and Super Smart

Pre-programmed buttons make it easy to blend ingredients into any desired texture. The blender calculates the optimal RPM and blending time. With the 'auto blending' function, it stops automatically when ingredients reach the desired texture.

High Tech 3D Blades

3D-Moving System with six specially heat- treated blades rotate tridimensionally enabling truly deep blending.

Super Safe

Due to the safety sensor, the blender operates only when the vacuum container is perfectly mounted onto the main body.

High Quality & Eco Friendly Container

The BPA-free, eco-friendly, and durable Tritan container allows you to see clearly how ingredients are processed.

Summary of Amazing Features

  • 1. The Magic of a vacuum
  • 2. 3.5 peak HP Powerful Motor
  • 3. Noise Reduction Cover
  • 4. Vacuum storage tumbler included
  • 5. One-touch auto button (vacuum/auto/auto blending)
  • 6. Smart Auto Blend Function
  • 7. Eco-friendly Tritan container (BPA-Free)
  • 8. Safety systems
  • 9. Triple 3D Moving Blades

SV500 Specifications

* Colour: Silver
* Type: High-Speed Quiet Vacuum Blender
* Speed: 2,000~20,000RPM (Max 32,000 RPM)
* Reduced noise cover
* One touch auto button
* Artificial intelligence auto-blending function
* Triple 3D moving blades
* Motor protection sensor
* Air cooling system
* Safety features
* Blender weight: 6kg
* Wattage: 1,500W motor / Powerful Peak 3.5 HP
* Maximum capacity of mixer: 1.5L / maximum capacity of grinding 500 ml
* 8.5 x 17.6 x 9.5
* Container capacity: 1.5L / Maximum capacity of blend: 1.3L
* Made in Korea
* 7 year warranty

Kuvings SV500 Videos

The world's first commercial vacuum auto blender.

Commercial durability, one-touch auto blending, pre-set menu options, super fast vacuum technology, and a superfine, smooth blend.

State-of-the-art technology

The Kuvings Chef CB1000 Vacuum Blender is the world's first commercial one-touch auto blender. Open/close the soundproof enclosure and start blending – all with just one touch. Are you ready to experience the difference?

Quickly vacuum before blending

In just one touch, air is removed before blending, delivering drinks that last longer, taste fresher, and contain less foam and separation. Studies show that vacuum blending provides 1.5~2.4 times more antioxidants than non-vacuumed blends. Resulting in a better-tasting, more nutritious juice!

Traditional blenders pull air into the jug as ingredients are blended together. This results in oxidation causing discoloration, layer separation, and the inability to maintain freshness. The Chef Vacuum Blender sucks the air from the jug prior to the ingredients being blended together. This results in vivid colors, maximum nutrition, no separation, and the ability to store without discoloration occurring.


  • Model: CB1000 Chef Vacuum Auto Blender
  • Color: Silver / Stainless Steel
  • Speed (RPM): 32,000 RPM
  • Size: 220 x 245 x 480
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Cleaning: Rinse the jug under the tap (or with a spray gun)
  • Size of jug: 2500 ml
  • Maximum fill size: 1400 ml
  • Motor: 1700 watt
  • 5 preset buttons: Optimized 37 recipe programs are already built-in.

Benefits of vacuum blending:

  • Preserves more nutrients and antioxidants
  • Reduces oxidation and discoloration
  • Prevents layer separation
  • Extends shelf life
  • Creates a smoother, creamier blend

Overall, the Kuvings CB1000 Commercial Vacuum Blender is a powerful and versatile blender that is perfect for commercial use. It is easy to use, produces high-quality results, and is backed by a strong warranty.

Kuvings ® All Blenders - Juicerville

Kuvings ® All Blenders

From $879.95 $899.95


  • SV500
  • CB1000


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