Sedona Drying Sheets

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Sedona Dehydrator Non-Stick Drying Sheets!

The Sedona Food Drying Sheets are strong and re-usable. They're great for making fruit leather or drying any food that may leak on the trays below. They are highly flexible and easy to use.

Designed to be used with the open tray to create a level surface, place one sheet inside the open tray and add your ingredients to the sheet.

Manufactured by Tribest to fit the Sedona SD9000 and SD9150 (Combo) dehydrators. Can easily be cut to size using scissors if you want to use them for the Sedona Express dehydrator.

Drying Sheet Specifications

BPA & Teflon Free

Drying Sheet Dimensions: 14.05" x 11.73"

Set of 3 sheets

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